You have patterns ,habits , strategies and programs for everything you do. You have been running these programs unconsciously

Now is the time to know what they are and Change your Mind-Program for the good.


Change your view of the World

Many have Challenges in communicating with people , connecting with people at a deeper level or creating their own ideal life living their full potential .

Are you one of them ?

Become Persuasive, Influential and Charismatic

Don't let your Communication stop your success

Know How

Experience instant transformational changes in the way you communicate - with yourself and others. 

Know whats holding you back from doing more and practically overcome your limitations - known and unknown. 

Generate a strong sense of clarity and set aligned goals that pull you towards your own success.

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Course Curriculum

 Click on the arrows on the right to know whats covered each day for the next 30 days. 

Introduction 1
  • Day 1 A
  • Day 1 B
  • Complete Overview of the Contents of the 1:1 6 months Coaching
Day 2
  • How to set outcome focused Goals - Your Goals will Now become achievable
Day 3
  • What makes you Unique - Know your USP in this unique session
Day 4
  • How to change your (unwanted) Habits using this NLP Method
  • How to Think Using NLP - 6 Questions To Ask for all Thinking Solutions
  • The NLP Persuasion Process - How to persuade anyone anytime using this simple process.
  • How to Build Rapport - 7 Ways to build amazing Rapport with anyone - anywhere
  • How to START Conversations - Parties , Networking Events , Corporate Gatherings , Social events
  • How to create MEMORABLE Presentations and Conversations - Improve your Recall Value
DAY 10
  • How to get favorable response from everyone - every-time - everywhere using this easy Method
DAY 11
  • Improve your RELATIONSHIPS BY 10X TIMES using this Method that will change your relationships
DAY 12
  • How to expand your Decision Making Space - use this method to take right decisions -faster
DAY 13
  • How to Deal with Difficult People using this easy method - Make it easy
DAY 14
  • All Actions have a Purpose - using this powerful NLP Belief will change you as a person -Know How
DAY 15
  • You Will See Only Positive Behavior in People after this Session - Know How
DAY 16
  • How to Become a Great Communicator using this Method
DAY 17
  • You already have all that you need to succeed - Know How in this session
DAY 18
  • How To Create Immediate Shift in Thinking - using Tony Robbins Triad Method
DAY 19
  • How to Learn new things easily using your senses - All learning is done through this method
DAY 20
  • How to Model Successful People - if they did it , you can do it too after this session
DAY 21
  • How to Take Action - The Learning is in the Doing
DAY 22
  • There will be NO failure Once you watch this session
DAY 23
  • How to separate Person from their Behavior - amend relationships
DAY 24
  • You are always Communicating - Even when you are NOT
DAY 25
  • How NOT to Think - Why Develop Positive Thinking
DAY 26
  • Identify your Core Skills - Knowing your Skills to Monetize
DAY 27
  • Your Complete Course Curriculum - All it Takes
DAY 28
  • Record and Edit Your Course - All it takes
DAY 29
  • Launch Your Online Course - All it takes
DAY 30
  • NLP Day 30 Full Proof Strategy To Build your End to End Business Model

What does changing Minds Programming mean?

Reprogramming your brain means breaking through negative chatter like, “I can't.” Think of it the same way you would build muscle at the gym. At first, it will seem difficult and maybe even taxing. But if you start small and do it every day, you will gradually become stronger.

What will you get from the course?

  • Do you face challenges communicating with people?
    Learn the different styles in which people communicate.

  • Do you struggle with setting goals and meeting them?
    Learn how to set outcome focused goals and achieve them.

  • Have you recently had strained relationships.
    Know how a simple technique can 10X your relationships.

  • Do you have to deal with difficult people.
    The tools shared will eliminate difficult conversations forever.

  • Finally, are you also looking to monetize your own skills in the process.
    Learn how to model success and use it to teach others and monetize. 

Live Classes Learning Available With 
This Course

  • SET 1:1 Coaching with Coach AD.
    Identify super achievable goals and a clear roadmap.

  • Live Group Coaching sessions during weekends
    with other like minded skilled professionals.

  • Create accountability partners for your success
    and eliminate the word "procrastination" forever.

  • Manage Health Wealth and Relationships.
    using simple techniques that change mindsets.

  • Know how to set up your own coaching style.
    Which can be used in personal or professional space.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Course begins as soon as you checkout using the payment link , the username password shall be sent via email and you can immediately start accessing the course.
  • Its amazingly easy , just click the introduction once you reach the course page and start watching the course.
  • Please refer to the above given details on the benefits of this course , it has the potential to change your life for good.
  • Yes, this course comes with "pay once access lifetime" validity
  • Yes, you can sign up for a special 45 mins 1:1 Clarity call with Coach AD worth USD 500 - FREE WITH THIS COURSE - Nice ,isint it?
  • Please connect with customer support team to set up the time and date for your clarity session with Coach AD.
  • If you a skilled professional or an entreprenuer above the age of 30+ , this course will immensely benefit you - for others it will only help improve their communications and mindset.
  • We also encourage you to access the lectures alongeith with your family or friends to get greater results as per our existing students
  • Absoulutely , in fact there are exercises at the end of each day that , if done , will yeild instant results from day 1
  • We will also provided additional pdf's as supporting documents if you finish the course - take action and send a mail to customer service
  • The lessons are explained in easy to understand inteactive conversational format
  • The lessons are also explained in a mind-map - visual format to enhance the understanding using all senses - Visual , Auditory and Kinesthethic ( feel mode)
  • You can visit the Contact section at the end of this page to connect with the instructor or send and email to [email protected]
  • Once you send an email , you may choose to send an whatsapp message on the below given customer care numbers
  • You can access the course unlimited number of times through out your lifetime at no additional costs
  • There is always a new perspective when the lectures are viewed more than once as per the feedback from our students

Learn to Communicate like a leader! 


Change Your Minds Programming